May 28, 2012

I Know You Want To Stay In Bed , But It' s Light Outside.

So I officially suck with keeping up to date with this blog right. That's what your thinking if you've checked it out lately. I'm not gonna lie other websites have been keeping me entertained lately. Tumblr being one of them and 9gag. Tumblr because of the ease and 9gag for the laughs. Another reason is purely because this blog started off  3 years ago as a style blog and I hate all my clothes and do not have the time to take photos of my outfits lately.  I think in order to be successful with blogging is having the time and patience to regularly post and at the moment I have neither. If I do have any spare time I spend it reading or playing mine craft ( That game is quietly addictive seriously its stolen my soul abit). I've read over 23 books this year which is good considering my goal was 20 for the year. Any way I know your sick of my apologies and I have received your email Jenny I appreciate the "Are you still alive , why have you not posted anything in ages" Yes I am still alive and I hope this explains my absence abit. I am going away in a couple of weeks and my goal is to blog on this trip considering I'm going with my family and they will eventually drive me crazy at some point.  But until then I am sorry for the lack of posts. Thank you guys ( probably my one reader) for continuing to come back and read my rants. 

May 1, 2012

Learn To Live Half A Life.

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So I'm sick with the flu and in a very gloomy mood. At least the weather is accommodating.
Dark clouds and heavy showers. I have quite alot of homework to do but I think I would rather spend the day lying in bed wrapped up in blankets in my underwear and a big cosy sweater. I may even get up and make some lemon ginger tea and search my pantry for cookies.I love lazy bum days in bed I swear there is nothing better when your sad. I just wish I had someone to snuggle with... Or a cute puppy or kitten. I desperately want a pet but I can't have one in my apartment. Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far.