Jan 28, 2012

How You Curl Your Lip When You Concentrate Enough.


Hat - Rubi
Blazer- Cottonon
Dress- Vintage
Belt- Rubi
Clogs- Rubi

I'e recovered from my brief sickness.
Was such a nice day today.
Worked for a little bit then spent the rest of the evening on the balcony.
Enjoying a few glasses of wine in the sun.
Watching Like Crazy at the moment.
Lovely little movie. 
Reminds me of my trip.

Jan 26, 2012

Early One Morning The Sun Was Shining I Was Laying In Bed.


So Ive got the flu.
Which is a tad annoying.
But it gives me an excuse to stay in bed all day and watch tv.

Jan 14, 2012

Like When You Said You Were So Happy You Could Die.



I finally have a day off tomorrow.
I'm hoping that its sunny so I can get my tan on. (Sunscreen of course)
Hope you all have a good weekend. 

Jan 11, 2012

Dancing On My Own.


Sunglasses: Le Specs
Sparrow Dress : Cottonon

Hey Kids.
I know I know this is my first outfit post in forever.
Ive been so super busy with work I havent really had time for anything else.
Summer is going by so fast I hope that I can catch some more sun on my days off.

Jan 9, 2012

Don't Want Your Loving Anymore.


Wildfox Spring 2012.