Jun 23, 2012

Jun 17, 2012

Sweeping The Corners.

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So in three days I leave for my month long trip to the United States.  I've been itching to travel again since my last big trip in 2010. This trip will be a great experience as It's been forever since I've been on a family holiday and this might be the last for a while.  As we get older it gets  harder and harder to organise trips like this,  finding a time that fits in with everyones schedules, everybody having enough money for flights and hotels.  I get to finally reconnect with my mothers side of the family that we haven't seen for 12 years because of the distance. I bet they will be shocked to see us girls all grown up since the last time they saw us we were snotty nosed kids. I'm so excited to be lucky enough to share this experience with George this will be the first time we travel together. I'm looking forward to sightseeing and jumping on the hotel beds with him.  I'm also hoping this trip will help with my school work as well. I have been in a creative rut for some time and I'm praying that I will finally get some inspiration for next semester. This is my second time to the states and there is alot of stuff I want to do that I didn't get to do first time round mainly in New York. I start in Chicago then Washington, Ohio, New York, San Fran, LA If anyone has any suggestions for fun things to do in any of these places I would love to hear them.

Jun 10, 2012

Don't Leave Me Like This.


I leave for the states soon just under two weeks. Time to get my pack on , I personally love packing and making packing lists. This one is going to be quite tricky as I have to pack for a month and since I am on a very tight budget I don't get the luxury to shop while I'm away which means everything I take has to be versatile enough so that I can rotate outfits. Not being able to shop in New York is going to be such a bummer but hey I'll be in New York.  

So here are a few of the staples that are going straight into my suitcase.
  1. Sun Glasses.  A Summer must
  2. Fun Jewelry - Some statement pieces can jazz up any plain outfit. 
  3. Sun hat -  Great for those lazy pool lounging days.
  4. Black Scarf - You never know when It could get chilly
  5. Comfy shoes - My last trip I spent all my time in Chuck Taylors this time round I think a pair of black ankle boots and some sandals will be more ideal as they are more versatile. 
  6. Black Bag - The bag has to big enough to carry all my everyday junk which on a trip is usually water , a book and my camera. I tend to always carry a jacket or sweater with me even in summer as In Wellington you never know what the weather will do. 
  7. Basic T-shirts and Tanks - Basics go with everything
  8. A Black Blazer or Jacket - I love my black blazers they can dress up any outfit.
  9. A pair of jeans - I once again would go with black as It goes with everything and shows less dirt
  10. A light weight Sweater - Ideally one that can fit into your handbag and can be layered under neath your blazer or jacket. 
  11. A black skirt
  12. A patterned dress - A patterned dress can double as a printed skirt when teamed with a sweater or a plain tee.
  13. And makeup wise  liquid liner and lip balm two you don't really need much else. 

May 28, 2012

I Know You Want To Stay In Bed , But It' s Light Outside.

So I officially suck with keeping up to date with this blog right. That's what your thinking if you've checked it out lately. I'm not gonna lie other websites have been keeping me entertained lately. Tumblr being one of them and 9gag. Tumblr because of the ease and 9gag for the laughs. Another reason is purely because this blog started off  3 years ago as a style blog and I hate all my clothes and do not have the time to take photos of my outfits lately.  I think in order to be successful with blogging is having the time and patience to regularly post and at the moment I have neither. If I do have any spare time I spend it reading or playing mine craft ( That game is quietly addictive seriously its stolen my soul abit). I've read over 23 books this year which is good considering my goal was 20 for the year. Any way I know your sick of my apologies and I have received your email Jenny I appreciate the "Are you still alive , why have you not posted anything in ages" Yes I am still alive and I hope this explains my absence abit. I am going away in a couple of weeks and my goal is to blog on this trip considering I'm going with my family and they will eventually drive me crazy at some point.  But until then I am sorry for the lack of posts. Thank you guys ( probably my one reader) for continuing to come back and read my rants. 

May 1, 2012

Learn To Live Half A Life.

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So I'm sick with the flu and in a very gloomy mood. At least the weather is accommodating.
Dark clouds and heavy showers. I have quite alot of homework to do but I think I would rather spend the day lying in bed wrapped up in blankets in my underwear and a big cosy sweater. I may even get up and make some lemon ginger tea and search my pantry for cookies.I love lazy bum days in bed I swear there is nothing better when your sad. I just wish I had someone to snuggle with... Or a cute puppy or kitten. I desperately want a pet but I can't have one in my apartment. Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far. 

Apr 8, 2012

I Don't Know How To Be Something You Miss.


Vintage hat and blazer.

Happy Easter guys.
Hope you all have had a lovely weekend.I spent most of the the weekend starting and finishing reading The Hunger Games series.Started on Friday night with first one and got strangely addicted.Laying in bed with a good book and easter eggs.I never get easter eggs anymore but I got lucky this year got one of those boxes with a big one and heaps of bite size ones. What more could I really want.

Mar 22, 2012

Seems Like I'm Always Thinking Of You.


Well Hello You.
Long Time no see.
I know I know where have I been.
Ive been hectic with school. 
And other mundane activities.
But I promise I will make time for you.

Thank You for stopping by my wee little blog. 

Feb 13, 2012

No One's Going To Love You Like I Do.



This post features a few of my favorite romantic movies. In Case your in a romantic mood and don't know what to watch. A few are sad but hey loves not always cheery.

Blue Valentine 
Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind
One Day 
Like Crazy.

Sunshine spoilt me rotten with tickets to my favorite band and beautiful roses.