Apr 24, 2011

Waste It on Fixing All The Problems That You Made In Your Own Head.


My apologies on the lack of interesting posts lately. I've been busy sleeping in till noon and playing addictive online games in bed. It seems when it comes to this blog I'm full of empty promises. I have finally just checked my emails and came across a few requests from readers once again asking for a more intimate window into my life. I do vaguely remember promising to do more posts with more depth into my little corner of the world. Coming up I will do more "personal" posts. I PROMISE. and this time I will keep true to my word. I want to tweak a few things about the layout as well. So don't be surprised if the next time you vist my quint little blog it looks completely different. But once again I would like to thank all my readers , especially the ones who have contacted me with more interest into knowing me a little better.
You guys put a cheesy smile on my face every time I read your lovely comments and emails.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter.

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