Mar 31, 2011

I'm In Here Can Anybody See Me.

Vintage Sweater,Dress, Wedges Rave.

Had uni today was pretty boring.
I'm waiting for Sunshine to finish work so we can watch Harry Potter.
The red lipstick is fun to wear but smudges so much.
Makes me look a little like a clown.
Might have to find a better quality lipstick.


  1. hey there at the other side of the world ;) Lovly blog I like your inspiration pictures and yours! Where are your from like ethnity? Asian? Love your big eyes!!

    greetings from germany ;)



  2. OMG. Love your style and I think this outfit is so great! :) Congrats 4 the blog.I'm your follower from now. Hope we can get in touch and followw each other. That's my contact on fbk:


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