Feb 25, 2011

Somethings Missing.


I miss my friends.
Haven't been able to hang out with them much.
Pretty out of sync with the group nowadays.
Unemployment= No social life.
Well it does in my case.
When majority of the time "hanging out" involves some sort of drink/dinner/coffee/shopping
date that you can't afford its pretty hard to keep in the loop.
Especially when you sit and listen to "last night/last weekend" stories or private jokes that you weren't present for.
Kind of leaves you with nothing to say so you sit and twiddle your thumbs.
Replying to questions like
"What did you do today?" "What have you been up to?"
with nothing more to say then
"nothing" "you know, nothing"
Ah. Life.
Isn't it a bitch sometimes.


  1. aw, hope it will get better soon! the photo's are very pretty though, do you have a tumblr?

  2. Thank you.I do have a tumblr account but I don't really use it. But thank you for reading my blog.

  3. Indeed. Life can be a real bitch.

    At least the kitties are cute! (And the rest of the photos are great too.)

  4. beautiful pictures !

    & thanks for your comment :)


Thank's for your lovely comments. I appreciate it. X