Nov 3, 2009

Its Bad Enough We Get Along So Well.


The Library

Leather Jacket D.I.Y Shredded Dress Vintage elastic buckle Boots.
Ghost Much?
Tasmin's Beautiful Chipped Orange Nail Polish.

Today After work me and Tasmin decided not to go to the movies and had a glass of wine at a little bar called "The Library". Its decorated with shelves of books and has a slightly confusing door. But apart from that it was nice , they served bar nuts which to be honest is new to me. After that we strolled to one of our favorite places to eat in Wellington "Satay Kingdom" . Then we enjoyed a nice coffee at starbucks which was already decorated in Christmas shit.

Bit early?

My stupid shredded dress kept getting caught on stuff at work.

Typical me , I say I need I'm going to wear more color but really.

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