Jul 2, 2009

MockTail And Cocktail

White Blazer
White Blazers.
White Blazer
Tonight is my mum's cocktail party for L.R and I had no idea what to wear.
But then I found a white blazer that I brought a couple of months ago
But still haven't worn.
I am a true impulse shopper.

White Blazer

Listening to
My Favorite band.
DeathCab For Cutie- Coney Island.


Vintage Blazer, MinkPink Dress, Owl Ring and Other Vintage Ring
LR Wellington
Me and My mummy and Katt enjoying our champagne.
Yes horrible photo quality I know
I had to take my old as digital camera since my other ones didn't fit in my purse.

Ended up being a fun and financially successful night.
I'm not a dancer but Katt offered to pay me 50 bucks if I danced for one song.

Easist 50 bucks of my life.

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