Jun 10, 2009

Cleaning Out My Closet


Headache! I have too much stuff SERIOUSLY where the hell did it all come from.
I just don't get it... I just cleaned it out 3 months ago and here I go again.
I swear I actually only wear a 1/3 Of my wardrobe.

I just have too much stuff I seriously forget I own things.
Maybe I'm selfish.. nah hahaha I know I'm not. I shop for others that's what it is.

Like I buy things that don't look good on me but have the potential to look good on somebody else.BUT FROM NOW ON ITS OVER. GOODBYE TO ALL THE "NON RAIN CLOTHES"..
HELLO EXERCYCLE so I can actually wear the one's that would look good.

LISTENING TO... "What Sarah Said" DeathCab For Cutie.

white shirt
(Jeans: Cheap Monday,Thrifted Blouse, Vintage Lace Corset)

I found this blouse again this photo's actually from last year.
Question: Should I give it away and Should I dye the Corset black?

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