Jun 6, 2009


Burning couch

I attended a party this weekend with my good friend Tasmenstreet , It was fun times
made a few great shaker shots that we named. A odd one that I never though I'd like was

"The Kermit The Frog"
Which was partly Midori,Vodka and last but not least white wine.

ANYWAY Back to the stupid boys.At the end of the night struggling to get every one to leave we walk outside and there in the middle of the street was a burning couch. Some stupid guys decided it would be amusing to light one on fire. very smart. Apart from endangering various houses they start jumping through the flames.

Ten minutes later one walks up to the bar where me and Tasmin stood bitching about how they sucked at life and starts going on about how his leg hurts and he got burned.

I would just like to say "HEY MAN THAT"S WHAT YOU GET FOR JUMPING THROUGH FLAMES" seriously some people are sooooooooo dumb.

Glamour Italy januray 2009

Glamour Italy januray 2009

Glamour Italy januray 2009

Glamour Italy (June 2009)

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