Apr 29, 2009


photography: Richard Warren

Apr 22, 2009

Happiness Is A Bid Away.

I have spent the greater part of today browsing online for clothing. After a massive spring clean i decided to revamp my wardrobe with things I'll actually wear instead of just look at. I actually found this experience extremely hard as I tend to hoard things.Things I have completely no purpose for. More then half of my wardrobe was filled with impulse purchases and clothes I procrastinated about altering.

But back to today.. Its Autum here in my small little city. The wind is a mile a minute blowing off hats and breaking umbrellas.
But Im lying in bed sub watching "The Cider House Rules" and drinking green tea. My dog was sick and I thought I would take a sickie off work to look after him when I found these boots..

I fell in love instantly but will have to bid on them. How I pray for a BuyNow.Fingers crossed I win this auction.

But anyway. I fully just edited this entry as I read it over and realised I fully dont't sound like my self haha nerd.